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Friday, January 21, 2011

oh no.... it's the phone interview! AHHH.

So I had my phone interview today at 7:30 PM. The interviewer actually called at 7:29. Her name was Elizabeth. The interview went very well I thought. I'm sort of second guessing my answers a little bit because I feel as if they were just basic and no "pizazz!" factor. I also didn't get any situational questions, which I found was odd too! I just got the basic questions regarding work experience, my opinions on teamwork, roommates, emergency procedures, etc... My interview lasted 25 minutes and 19 seconds though so that is definitely a good time. Let's see here.. tips?! I guess I would suggest answering the questions that you can find on the discussion board. Definitely talking to your d-fam and answering each others questions helps too. I had about 6 pages of notes and I think I looked at it only once, which was the "Why do you want to work for Disney?" question. OH and my interviewer asked what attraction I would want to work at most!!! I was so excited! I figured that was a good sign. I said Jungle Cruise and if I couldn't get to work there I would want a role that I could play a part in like Haunted Mansion or TOT. Now I have to wait 3-4 weeks, but apparently it's often 2 weeks (LET'S HOPE SO!). I also like randomly decided I wanted to audition for a character performer today at around 1:00. I couldn't update my role checklist for some reason when I got home so I told my interviewer. I'm nervous about the character auditions but I think once I find out if I got into the program and what my position is then I will be fine. I can't decide if I want to do character performer or attractions though.. We shall see. I just have really good vibes. I hope everyone's interview goes well! :)

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