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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Tag Game!

So I was tagged by Hillary! And unfortunately, here is my embarrassing story haha.

So let's see where do I begin. I met this girl in 8th grade named Molly Rhodes. We weren't really best friends then, we were just friends and I sat the row across from her in history. We talked often and going into high school the next year, she would be the one who helped me transition into the high school life. After "graduating" middle school, Molly and I talked often over the internet, because AIM was cool then, and we then proceeded to wait for each other in the mornings before class out in the front of the school and talk. Truth be told, I started to develop feelings for Molly and I was really digging her. The only downside was that Molly had a boyfriend. Being the clever and intelligent young man I am (not to toot my own horn), I had devised a plan to separate Molly and her boyfriend. I thought that if I did this, I would be her shoulder to cry on and we would be happily ever after. Yeah, it didn't work out this way.

The plan had been created and in full force. I had confided the whole time in my best friend and recent ex Reagan. This was definitely not a good thing to do considering Molly and Reagan were close friends and in the same Physical Science class. After splitting Molly and her boyfriend up, Reagan told Molly what happened and how I intentionally split them up in class. Molly got pissed and the following day in P.E., I could tell that Molly and I were not on good terms. I knew something was up and feared that she found out what happened. This is the opposite of what I wanted to happen. Molly told Tiffany in P.E. what had happened. Tiffany got pissed and as we were packing up to leave she proceeded to kick me in the balls as Molly told her to do so. Like, it was a HARD kick. I ended up doubling over and crying on the bleachers haha. It was embarrassing. About 5 minutes before the bell every day, EVERYONE in class would line up at the double doors, and therefore, everyone saw what happened. In the end, I called Molly that afternoon and told her everything that happened. I never told her why they happened, Molly didn't find out that I had a LONG crush on her until like 2 years ago. Molly and I are still best friends. We've known each other for 6 years. Reagan and I are as well best friends still. We definitely have had our ups and downs and not talk to one another for months at a time, but it is because we are so alike. I've known Reagan for about 6 years as well. As for Tiffany and I, we remained friends until she transferred school 2 years after that freshman year. I've learned a lifelong lesson from that event, DO NOT TRY TO SPLIT A CHICK AND HER BOYFRIEND UP! It will not end up the way you want it to.

I tag Rylan McAdam and KT McKenna!

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