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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 16: Favorite Snack to Grab in the Parks

I don't really have a favorite snack to grab while in the parks. Every time we go into a park we bring our own snacks and drinks in our book bags. The snacks that my family does grab are ice cream and popsicles. We go to Disney over the summer (at the end of June), so it is EXTREMELY hot down there. And to keep from passing out from heat exhaustion, at MK my family got popsicles and ice cream and ate them on the way to The Hall of Presidents. We never actually saw this show but would frequently go and sit in the lobby just to rest and get in some A/C. It is definitely a great secret that my family keeps, even though it really isn't a secret because I'm sure others do it too.


  1. I do the same thing in the Hall of Presidents. That and my sister and I sleep during the show, we like it but once a trip is enough for us.

  2. I have never actually seen The Hall of Presidents haha. All I know is that the lobby is nice and cold and perfect for a hot summer day! But going to see the show only to sleep through it sounds like a really good idea. I may have to try it in June when my family goes!