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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Auditions, ha.

Hello followers!
I unfortunately have bad news. I was not able to attend auditions this past weekend. The audition I was supposed to attend was in Atlanta and it was on the 20th. The program has been nothing but a never ending battle with the parents (and still is) so I wasn't able to go, they said gas is too expensive to travel 6 hours. BUT, since I have talked to many of programers the past few months I have gotten the basics on auditions so I will go through them for anyone doing a future program and is looking at my blog for advice and what an audition entails.
The Atlanta audition had around 250 people. It was a large audition and they were all CPers.
First, you get a number, your Disney height is taken, and they take your picture.
Then, the audition is split into two parts, the animation portion and dance portion.
The animation portion is where they give you something to act out. It can range in variety, I have heard different scenarios such as: meeting a character, washing a dog, and planting a garden. The only piece of advice I can offer is to make your moves big and full of life and "character"!
I don't really know much about the dance portion other than you are split up into groups and the dance routine gets harder and harder.

In other news, I should have a vlog up soon. I shall post it here when I do. 151 days until check in! :)

Hope you all have a magical day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Update !

Alrighty, so since there isn't much to blog about as often as I was a few months ago, I have decided to do a weekly update. There isn't much to update, 163 days until check in. I'm still battling my parents, which has gone to a whole new level.

I never thought that it would be THAT much of deal doing the program. My parents are really cool and easy-going, or so I thought. It has gotten really bad since my last post. My mom said that if I do the program then I'm getting kicked out of the house.. It's a whole new dilemma pretty much. I just wish they understood how badly I want to do the program but I doubt they ever will.. they just see me going to Florida for 4 months as me not accomplishing anything and just going to be with "Mickey". aslkfjaslfasfdalk. Hopefully, I will get the point across to them without getting kicked out and they will accept the fact that I'm planning on going to Florida.

If things don't change, I'm sorry to say this but I probably won't be doing the program. Even though I want to so badly. I will probably move out and go to UNCW and hopefully do the program at a later time when I'm not under as much influence from my parents.

I just wish life was so much easier.