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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 1: Favorite Walt Disney World Park

This is such a hard question because I like each park for different reasons.

My least favorite park is probably Hollywood Studios. Other than Tower of Terror, I just didn't really get a feel for that park. I didn't have a chance to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster, maybe that's why I'm partial to the other parks. But still, I don't feel as if the Studios had much to offer.

Up one from Hollywood Studios is Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has so much to offer. I like how the park is split up into countries and there is an abundance of animals for guests to look at. Animal Kingdom also has great rides. A few of my favorites are Expedition: Everest, Dinosaur, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Kali River Rapids. Animal Kingdom also has Finding Nemo: The Musical and The Festival of the Lion King, which are both amazing shows.

My second favorite park is Magic Kingdom, meaning that Epcot is my favorite. Magic Kingdom is the essence of Disney. The mountains of the park are great rides, with Splash Mountain being my favorite. The other rides, like Buzz Lightyear and The Haunted Mansion, are great too. The park's atmosphere is amazing. It just screams "magical". With this being said, Epcot has great rides and I like the World Showcase. My favorite ride at Epcot would be Test Track, but Soarin' and Mission: Space are close seconds. The World Showcase is great. I love walking through each country and going through the shops. In addition, The Three Caballeros was the first ride I rode over the summer after not being to Disney World since I was 3. My family went to Epcot a total of 3 times on our vacation. The first visit was focused on The World Showcase. This was the same day that we arrived in Florida after a grueling 9 hour drive. Then the second visit was all about Futureworld. We then had an extra day after visiting all the parks and we all voted on the park we wanted to go to and we all chose Epcot and went in and rode the rides again. Epcot is great and will probably always be my favorite park.

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